Where is my Stolen Shephard

MYSTERY DOG My Dog is Missing Up To ---$1000 Reward will be given also in the news  we

 found a Lost Dog Klicken Sie hier für die deutsche

 7/28/2013 Breaking News Update if true Dog was stolen from home, and driven From Fresno to Los Angeles California around 91401 then 1 year later on 2011 he escaped his captures not to be found!! All Leads to the case are confidentual eye witnesses.

contact wintergreenpines@gmail.com   aloso visit but not for planters http://www.wheresmyaussie.weebly.com/


A $500 Reward will be given to who finds him

Klicken Sie hier für die deutsche

  Սեղմեք այստեղ հայերեն

 In the afternoon of July㺓, 2010 in Fresno California  in Fig Garden, a peacful place where crime is low, our Dog (always smilen) was stolen, snatched ! from inside our home.

I remember the morning, as I rushed out of the house to jump in the car, I saw our family pride, our  dolma / shisk kebab, chicken, salmon, lamb, and pilav eating, man of the house, for the last time.

our dog was no where to be found. Without breaking in, thieves stole our loving pet Aussie, from inside of the house. An expert locksmith declared the means of entry and other evidence found with three witnesses, the actual hours the dog was home inside and the actual time the dog was moved away from the house was confirmed. This spectacular team of Fresno investigators identified the unrelated thieves, confirming the felony burglary.

Sadly, the dog was moved outside of the Fresno area to an unsuspecting new adoptive family or moved again. The new family was identified as a family who loves him; We know he is given them a ruff time; missing those Sunday afternoon finger lickin good chicken livers and pilav.  Our poor hungry little man!!! Sign up as a member on this sight or visit our FaceBook.                      


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